It the standard lens for a Leica rangefinder, and in my opinion the easiest to start with while keeping the most options open.Whatever you choose, have fun! Leicas are amazing little cameras, and while they a bit on the pricey side they infectiously fun once you get past the quirks. Feel free to ask me anything you like about them as well! 2 points submitted 1 month agoStill got the A7Rii actually, and I use it when I get hired still cause sometimes you just need long lenses and AF.I made the switch cause a lot of the pictures I take are candids and I like just having a camera with me all the time. Leicas have a tactile quality to them that Sony just can really come close to matching.Colors were a big reason as well, all the Sony cameras I used struggle with good skin tones, even after messing with RAW extensively.

The idea is to never stop growing, to keep increasing our self worth, which in turn increases our net worth. We have at our fingertips so many resources for investing in ourselves many of them are inexpensive, even free. Libraries, adult school classes, spiritual retreats, church classes, lectures, readings and seminars, Toastmasters and other clubs and professional organizations.

In the build up to Armstrong’s return to cycling in 2010, he starred in another Nike commercial: “The critics says I’m arrogant, a doper and washed up, a fraud. That I couldn’t let it go. They can say whatever they want. It sad that I have to teach my son that going to college is likely the riskiest financial decision he will ever make in his life. He could go to college and never get a job that pays enough to pay the loans off, leaving him in crippling debt for 20 30 years of his life. I have to tell him, it may be better to skip college and get industry certifications instead, or get credit at seminars and workshops..

No here is the exercise, first lift your left leg upwards towards the ceiling as far as you can go and then lower. Now lift your right leg upwards towards the ceiling. While lifting your legs keep them straight and the rest of your body tight, in other words don’t flop around..

Langley girls’ lacrosse ended a nine game losing streak in its rivalry with Madison, downing the Warhawks for the first time since 2012. Senior Richie Bartozzi is pushing boys’ lacrosse to new highs at The Heights. PHOTOS FROM LAST NIGHT:. Smith was Senior Vice President of Marketing and Business Development of ADP, where he held several executive positions from 1996 to 2003. Mr. Smith served on the board of directors of Yahoo! Inc.

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