You referenced a town of 130,000 as if America is supposed to be able to relate to that, but that is a FUCKING LOT of people. Keep in mind that America is literally 40x larger than the UK, our density maps are whacko, and trying to make direct comparisons is no longer the same. Even California is messed up because of the population contrasts from LA/OC/Bay Area to the rest of the population by huge numbers.

Did you recently get a pet rat or are you thinking about it? It’s going to need a great name and here are more than 125 to choose from. You’ll find famous rat names, funny ones, cute ones, and even ones for pairs. The original nest was infested with bird mites which drove the baby chicks to abandon their nest.

Fees may be deducted from the money you’re transferring or they may be added to the sum you’re transferring. Some money transfer services have a holding period of three to five business days. If the money is needed urgently, this may pose a problem.

That premium is real, but it doesn’t even begin to explain our epidemic of stagnant wages. As Elise Gould of the Economic Policy Institute has shown, real wages fell for virtually every American in 2014, save only the poorest, and presumably least credentialed, workers. Wages for people at the 10th income percentile actually increased by 1.3percent, chiefly due to minimum wage increases enacted by cities and states.

I really like the Reacts. They’re very light, pretty well cushioned, but also feel firm and reactive. I know some people don’t like the fit, so I’d recommend you try them out before you buy. SubscriptionsGo to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your:My ProfileMichel Roy, the head of Canada’s federal film agency, Telefilm, is urging the government to ease restrictions on allowing foreign stars in publicly funded movies.Current tax rules require that the lead actor or the second lead be Canadian. Movie stars would help Canadian movies at the box office, especially the ones from English Canada, which accounted for only one per cent of box office receipts in the country last year.”We need to make changes in order to make those changes we will have to dare to do new things that at times might shock some people.”Roy understands some Canadians may question why their dollars are underwriting films with American stars, but if the movies do well, they would also give Canadian talent more exposure.Read more:Do you think that casting more Americans in publicly funded Canadian films will increase audiences? Take our poll. Stars in Canadian films will help box office returns?(opinion)(This poll is not scientific.

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